Dance & Sports-related Injury Specialist

My name is Elaine Hanson Loo. I specialize in both dance and sports-related injuries, drawing upon my knowledge and skill as a theatre artist for more than thirty-three years.

Innate Intelligence BCST

About My Education & Career

I hold a B.A. in Theatre from the University of British Columbia. I graduated with high distinction, with a B.Ed. in Arts Education, from the University of Regina.

I have served as a sessional lecturer for a decade, within the Arts Education and Theatre and Fine Arts Departments at the University of Regina.

Points to Note

The sensitivity I acquired working within the field of somatic release eventually helped me coin the Itcush Technique. It has helped create a refined and confident hand and brought relief to much pain and suffering of many loyal clients.

My greatest strength comes from the many years of working alongside dance pioneer, Amelia Itcush, where I honed a dance technique leading young, emerging artists to produce maximum results for minimum effort.

Innate Intelligence BCST