Craniosacral & Chronic Pain Management in Canada

I specialize in dance and sports injury treatment


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a non-invasive touch modality based upon an informed touch tuning into the tissues, fluids and energies of the body. The craniosacral system includes our brain, spinal cord and nerves, and cerebrospinal fluid bathing those structures.

Innate Intelligence BCST

BCST Is A Whole Person Approach

To healing honoring the body’s innate capacity to self-regulate. It is an holistic practice regarding the body, mind and spirit as one functioning entity.

Each individual comes into the world with an Original Blueprint of Health, which is retained throughout the course of his/her/their life. Life itself however – physical, emotional, mental stress, trauma, medications, pollution – effectively compromises or fragments the optimal expression of that Blueprint.

BCST Re-Integrates Those Fragments

Allowing the Blueprint more expansively express itself. As the Central Nervous System rebalances, underlying causes of pain, trauma and discomfort are significantly reduced. A more balanced system may result in symptom reduction, improved digestion, better sleep, deeper breathing, greater calm, improved social engagement, resolution of birth trauma along with an increase of health-giving hormones.

Innate Intelligence BCST




Being a competitive gymnast for almost ten years had had its effects on my body. When the treatment began and Elaine told me the problem areas in my body, I was astonished. I hadn’t mentioned any of my injuries to her beforehand, yet she could right away tell the exact locations of them. . . what I felt after I still find hard to believe – all the weight and tension I had felt for years were gone. To me, it made a huge difference.



Elaine is a very gifted practitioner of craniosacral therapy, and I had asked her to help me reduce my Fibromyalgia symptoms. Over a two month period, some of my overactive nerve pain, mild flu-like pain, and deep contractions in my muscles, were all significantly lifted an my symptoms have been greatly alleviated. I recommend Elaine to anyone looking for alternative ways to better their health.



Elaine comes from the dance world and in her many years as a dancer she has come to know the body and its movement patterns intimately . . . I was surprised how quickly Elaine learned to read my body, to use her sensitive hands to listen to the rivers of motion flowing through my system, to find the places where flow congests and to gently allow them to clear. Her hands-on work, her gentle yet precise
support, has brought balance and centering back into my body. Elaine’s knowledge, her curiosity and her gift of intuitively sensing the body allow her to tap into the body’s unique rhythms, to find patterns and then open new pathways allowing the process of realignment to take place.

What we do is take away obstacles, like removing stones from the road.

- Dr. John Upledger, D.O., O.M.M.